Thursday, December 20, 2012

This is a policy that was formulated in order to give the customers incentives to buy more products from the shops. So far, the Lowes coupon policy has been very successful in increasing the sales of products in the stores. There are four main important facts about Lowes coupon policy. The policy allows one to accept internet coupons while online. It also accepts local supermarkets or the various super centres competitors’ coupons. It as well has the capacity to double up to 20 manufacturer’s coupons with the face value of $0.99 or less. It also accepts four coupons for four of the same item. 

The policy also allows the customers to save their hard earned cash by saving more additional cash. Lowes coupon policy allows for doubling of coupons without any minimum purchase requirement. The policy states that manufacturers’ coupons for free items or buy one, get one free items are not doubled. It also states that manufacturers who have stated that no doubling of coupons then doubling in that case will not take place. A double coupon will not be recognised if the doubled amount exceeds the retail or sale price the coupon item. The policy also adds than in such a case no cash can be refunded. The policy has a provision for enhancing the manufacturer coupons from time to time. An example is where the customers are given a chance to triple the amounts of coupons that they have. These special offers are included in the circular or may be available online.

Lowes coupon policy allows for acceptance of internet coupons but the policy state that the coupons will only be recognised if the coupons test positive in the scan checkout. The internet coupons are only accepted if they are printed. The policy also does not recognise free product coupons that are printed from the internet. The acceptability of internet coupons depends on the expiring date; coupons that do not have an expiring date are not accepted. The print at home coupons is also accepted by the policy but they have to have a date and should not be altered in any way. The policy has a limit of one coupon per purchase unless otherwise stated. Lowes coupon policy also has a section on store coupons and this portion states that the store coupons have to be up to date and all the requirements regarding limits must be followed.

Competitor coupons are also allowed by the policy. This kind of coupons must have a date and the coupon must not be expired. Catalina Check out Manufacturer coupons from the competitors as long as they have a date and the purchase and scan requirements are met can be accepted. Coupons from competitor drug stores and club stores are not accepted under Lowes coupon policy the policy prohibits the acceptance of any type of internet coupons from any other retailers.  Lowes coupons policy also does not accept coupons from the competitors for specific items. The acceptance of coupons under Lowes coupon policy depends on the purchase requirements that have to be met. Lowes coupons policy offer customers with the best deal of saving money.

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